Announcement of Responsibilities of Chairman and Vice Chairmen.

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As appointed in the Announcement No.39/TB-KCN dated on 29st May 2013 of responsibilities of chairman and vice chairmen:

       1. Mr Nguyen Anh Quyen – Chairman

        Control genaral activities and daily activities. Responsible for the implementation of all duties to the Provincial People Committee, People Council and Provincial Party.

         Be the Management Board’s account holder and be charge of the following fields:

          Human resource management, administration management, information technology, one door and interdisciplinary one door section, ISO 9001:2008 quality management, propaganda, commendation and discipline.

          Industrial park planning and development, Industrial park master plan and implementation of that master plan.

          Investment mobilization, attraction and  promotion.

          Working plan and synthesis task.

          Be the management Board’s spokesman.

          Directly be charge of office department, investment management department and act as a member of office department.

         2. Mr Pham Huy Dap – Vice Chairman:

           Construction task, plan certificate and construction licence.

          Construction of IP technical infrastructure, auxilary zone and labour housing.

          Environment task, site clearance and compensation for IP land.

          Directly be charge of Planning – environment management department and IP infrastructure development company. Act as a member of the plan – environment management department.

         3. Mr Tran Vu Thong – Vice Chairman:

          Be the standing vice chairman, on behalf of the chairman to control the Management Board’s activities when the chairman absent and be the second account holder as authorized.

           Be charge of the following fields:

           IP enterprize management, labour management and export – import management.

           Union task, security task, fire fight and protection, working safety and hygiene, food safety and hygiene.

            Directly be charge of enterprize-import-export management department, labour management department, IP represenative department and IP service center. Act as a member of laour management department.

         Note)  Beside the tasks above, during the implementaion of the tasks, the Chairman can authorize the Vice Chairmen to do more tasks if necessary.

           During the implementation of the tasks, The Vice Chairmen have to frequently report to the Chairman.


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