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 Dossier includes 10 similar sets, in which at least 01 is original, each set comprises the following documents:

1. Registraiton form for issuance of investment certificate (standardized form).

2. Documents certifying legal status of the investor. (For organizational investor: offering a notarized copy of business registration certificate, decision of enterprise establishment  or other relevant document. For individual investor: offering a notarized copy of passport or ID card).

3. A contract of business co-operation in the case of co-operating to deploy the investment under that business co-operation contract.

4. Memorandum of agreement between the investor and the infrastructure owner (also land lessor) about land lease ( if renting land), or about factory lease enclosing lessor’s acceptance document for renting factory (if renting factory).

5. Report on the investor’s financial capability. (For enterprise under operation: audited financial statements of the two latest years or any another relevant documents. For project that uses state capital: acceptance documents for using that capital amount or statement of investment decision).

       6. Economic-technical explanatory statement comprising the following main items: objectives, scale, investment location, invested capital, schedule for implementation of the project, land use requirement, and technological and environmental solutions;      

         7. Explanatory statement on the ability to satisfy conditions which the investment project must satisfy in the case of investing in the fields in which investment is conditional, stipulated in article 29 of investment law and index C of Decree no. 108/2006/NĐ-CP.

In the case that investment project accompanied with establishment of a new enterprise/economic organization, prepare more documents (file for business registration)  as follows:

1. Business/company charter  corresponding with each type of an enterprise. (Draft or official one is acceptable).

2. Contract of joint venture if establishing a new joint venture company between a (or some) domestic investor and a (or some) foreign investor.

3. The list of founder-members (for Ltd., company or partnership company), the list of founder-shareholders (for joint stock company). The list must be enclosed with one of the following:

a). A copy of personal  identification paper ( ID card or passport) of the founder-members, partners or the founder-shareholders if those are individuals. 

b). A copy of enterprise’s establishment decision, business registration certificate or other relevant documents, business charter or other relevant documents, a copy of personal identification in the case of an authorized representative and decision of granting authority by the founder members, partners or the founder shareholders if those are legal entities..

c) The list of authorized representatives for the one member Ltd.,company and a copy of personal  identification paper of each authorized representative. Document of granting authority by the company owner to the authorized person if company owner is an organization.

4. Confirmation document of legal capital if investing in any field that require legal capital under the law.

5. A copy of practicing certificate if investing in any field that requires practicing certificate under the law.

Solving duration: within 15 working days.


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