Dinh Tram Industrial park

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Dinh Tram Industrial park is located between former 1A National Highway where the National No 37 intersects. It is 10 km from Bac Giang City, 40 km from Ha Noi and Noi Bai Internation Aiport, 110 km from Hai Phong Port and 120 km from Huu Nghi Quan border gate.

Area: 100 ha


Investment owner:

Bac Giang Industrial Park Infrastructure Developing Company

Tel: 0240 3566.888;         Fax: 0240 3566.767

Address: Operating Center of Dinh Tram Industrial Park - Bac Giang Province


Technical lower layer:


          This is invested by State capital, equiped by complete and synchronous systems of Technical lower layer: systems of internal tracffic; water drainage, waste water collecting and treatment plant as well as services of telecommunication, banking, custom, gold and foreign currency storage bank, available with the 110/22/50VA Power Station which is supply electric to the fence of enterprises. Cleaned water shall be also supplied to the fence of enterprises.

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