PPC’S vice chairman Nguyen Van Linh welcomed delegation of Kanagawa province (Japan)

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On April 10th 2013, PPC’s Vice Chairman Nguyen Van Linh welcomed representatives of Japanese companies led by Mr. Makoto Kunimatsu, Kanagawa parliament, giving sponsor fress water works for Primary school of Duc Thang No 1, Duc Thang commune, Hiep Hoa district.
At the meeting, Vice chairman Nguyen Van Linh give overview of the the economic social situation of Bac Giang province, and hope the delegation continued interest in furthering cooperation between Japan and Bac Giang, especially in the field of oversea-study and labor export in Japan.

On behalf of the Provincial People's Committee, Vice Chairman appreciated good traditional friendship relationships between the two countries Vietnam - Japan in recent years. He thanked the delegation for funding the fress water works (nearly 200 million VND) for Primary School of Duc Thang No 1, Duc Thang commune, Hiep Hoa District.

 The same day, the delegation surveyed and handed MOU of funding fress water works for school. The works include such items as drilling wells, water tanks, pumps, water filters (U.S. standards), the tap system to ensure supplying adequate water to modern standards. This project will be soon implemented and handed over to the school./.


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